Three Day Work Shop for YAN Management and Cluster Heads

Author:Sasanka Dharmasena

18 Feb 2121

First Day of the Programme 

YAN Sri Lanka conducted three day TOT programme for the YAN Management and Resource pool heads. On this day we discussed Alcohol and tobacco industry interference, Health Promotion Approach and Information about New COVID vaccine.

Thank you 🙏WHO Sri Lanka to conducted a programme regarding COVID vaccine and current situation of the process.

Second Day of the Programme

Second Day we discussed How to change a community, Other Drug prevention methods, Gender Orientation and Day Today Psychology.

Thank you 🙏 Mr.Mahesh Nissanka, Mr. Pubudu Sumanasekara, Mr. Kapila Rasnayaka and Ms. Rasika Manohari for the interactive sessions. 

We conducted this programme according to the COVID prevention rules and regulations.

Theird Day of The Programme

On this day Our YAN members presented their action pland and dicussed the future plan of the YAN activities.